We connect you to your
Brilliance so your Business can BOOM!

If you struggle with:

  • Reoccurring thoughts that sabotage your efforts
  • Feeling like you have to compromise your principles and boundaries to get clients to say yes
  • Feeling isolated or unsupported in your day-to-day business duties
  • Frustrated your boundaries aren't respected
  • Unable to charge for your services

We help you with:

  • Give you the knowingness that business is happening
  • Hear 'YES' from clients without compromising yourself
  • Feel supported and confident in your day-to-day business duties
  • Getting in tune with your business so it all flows
  • Bringing more money in faster

Sheri Wyatt

I was in a very dark place fighting for my life and I just felt so trapped for a long time. I have been chasing after my goals and dreams and on my journey I kept having this horrible feeling. I’m very passionate about helping others become a better person, I love fitness training and modeling.

I kept asking for guidance from up above and then I came across Veronica & Stephen Schultz. I got in on the Broom Experience and let me tell you, it helped me so much I can’t even type this without crying. I am so grateful for them. They give you their time and an incredible experience of understanding! Now I don’t feel trapped and I am making progress in life!

Love you both dearly,

Inspiring Az Model

Cindy Ashton

Ostara and her son Stephan are deep and delightful! I did a BROOM session with them and it was amazing how they were able to pick up things I hadn’t told anyone. What really impressed me about the session was how they weaved together multi-modalities in a way cleared away patterns that were impacting achieving my goals as well as very comprehensive insights into my next steps. Even though we were doing deep work, they are hilarious and kept me smiling! Highly recommend. 

~TV host of Cindy Uncorked

Misty Overduyn

I have had a reading, activation, and broom done by these wonderful people and all I can say is wow!! These people are truly gifted, and so special. Not only is their energy so kind and beautiful, but they have such deep compassion for what you are feeling. My readings with Stephan have been so spot on, and the activations that Veronica gives are truly magical. Today I got the Broom done, before I started I had zero energy and honestly just felt run down. After I felt so wonderful and had so much energy. The experience itself was so amazing and so spiritual. I can’t even explain it. I recommend this duo to everyone, you won’t regret it!! Thank you Veronica and Stephan for sharing your beautiful gifts, you’re going to help so many people.

Stockton, Ca 95204

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